Wednesday, February 01, 2006

playing turista

So i decided not to go to Cebu. As early as 3am this morning, my mom and i decided that A) my being there was not productive since i will be wandering the streets like a nomad while she does her thing, and B)i just didn't want the experience of being there without anything to do or anybody to hang with. Hmmm.

So i decided to do some "turista" thing on my own here in Iloilo. As early as 9am i left the house, doing my errands/roundup. The thing about Iloilo is, there's a particular street foreverything. Iznart street, for example, is what i call the "financial district", with all sorts of banks just siding up to each other. There are, FYI, two BPI banks just facing each other from each side. After scouring through the streets of downtown looking for the elusive BPI Family Bank (damn, all those banks and none of them are Family Savings!), i finally get to do some banking.

I decide to trace remnants of my childhood by going over some fave haunts. The Birdhouse, one of my favourite restaurants was still there, whoo-hoo! It holds special memories forme and my mom since after school we'd meet up there and eat some of their famous uber-thin crust pizzas and lovely desserts (choco mallows, yum!) Of course, there's the SEBA Bowling alley, just above it where my family would go bowling back in the day (duck pins, anyone?)--it featured soem very interesting lanes as well as honing you into doing the scores manually. I walked over to the Atrium, where i spent most of my high school days being a mallrat (it had the first McDonald's ---something of a wonder when it finallyopened,and i wasin high school already! I tell ya, the probinsyana in me was so happy when good ole' Mickey D's finally said hello to Iloilo.)

The heat is just atrocious outside, hence my turista trip endshere for now. Maybe later i will venture to see the lovely artworks in Museo Iloilo. Hmmmm....

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